Incredibly rich in breathtaking topography, India is a place of infinite offerings! Seasons, climate, landscape or anything that you could name; every corner of the country differs in all senses with the other. This uniqueness of the regions makes India a hub of innumerable activities! Whether you hate it or love it, but Summer is definitely one season which opens up a lot of doors in our lives! One such door is the door of adventure activities that the high-spirited chunks are always in search of.

Adventure is the identity of the youth and youth is the face of India! Adventure activities are, thus, always on a high-demand in the country. Having been blessed with nature’s bounty, India can successfully siege to all the demands of these adrenaline junkies seeking that quick rush of blood! If you are one of such type and are open to every kind of adventure, today I will brief you about the various adventure activities that you could try your hands on!

1. Rafting or Kayaking

2. Heli Skiing

3. Waterfall Rappelling

4. Skydiving or Scuba diving

5. Hot Air Ballooning

6. Caving

7. Trekking

8. Snorkelling

9. Cliff Jumping

10. Paragliding

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